New Article: Acquisition of Shares in Finnish Startups – Tax issues for founders and investors

Startup enterprises, often originally established in a simple form, regularly need to adapt their shareholder structure: Persons that can contribute important know-how acquire shares as well as investors of venture capital.

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Proposed changes to real estate tax may lead to cost increase for wind parks

The Ministry of Finance has published a draft governmental bill proposing that multiple turbines belonging to the same wind park would be considered as clusters for the purposes of real estate taxation. The power plant real estate tax could be utilised by municipalities for wind parks with a nominal capacity of more than 10 MVA.

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New publication on project acquisitions and divestments

Our new booklet "Project Acquisition and Divestment in Finland - Legal and Tax Aspects" has arrived. It can be ordered from our office free of charge.

Government report on health impact from wind power – Ministry starts preparations for renewable energy subsidy scheme

Finland's Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has published the much-awaited report on the health impact of wind power on 16 June 2017. No impact from infrasound was found.

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