Peter Jaspers

Peter Jaspers


Online Publications

Bidding for EPC projects in Finland (2022)

The EPC Contract in Finland, from the Contractor’s Perspective (2022)

Project financing in Finland: An overview (2022)

Private Investment in Finnish Projects: Key aspects for transactions in Finland (2022)

Financing for Finnish Projects (2022)

Taxation of a Project Acquisition in Finland (2022)

Finnish contracting practice in a nutshell (2022)

Changes in building contracts governed by the YSE 1998 terms (2022)

Selecting your project partners: Keeping the chain strong (2022)

Getting your financing package ready (2022)

Security arrangements for project financing in Finland (2022)

Finnish government supports new energy technology demonstration projects: Application for 2020 by the end of March (2020)

Due Diligence for a corporate acquisition in Finland (2019)

Contract Drafting for M&A in Finland (2019)

Post-M&A integration of the acquired corporation (2019)

Taxation of a Company Acquisition in Finland (2019)

Arbitration in Finland (2019)

Construction Law in Finland (2019)

Company law in Finland (2019)

Sending Employees to Finland (2019)

Lawyers in Finland (2019)

Tendering for public procurement contracts in Finland (2019)

Types of public procurement procedures in Finland (2019)

Appeal against flawed contract award decisions in Finland (2019)

Bidding for Project Alliances in Finland (2019)

Data Center on Leased Land in Finland – a Risk? (2018)

Finland as a Data Center Location: A Market Overview (2018)

Data Center Investor's Due Diligence: Legal Aspects (2018)

Procurement of Construction Services for Data Centers: Risk Management (2018)

Real Estate Subsidies (2018)

Acquisition of Shares in Finnish Startups: Tax issues for founders and investors (2017)

Liability of Organs and Directors in a Finnish Limited Company (Oy) (2017)

Loss Carryforwards in Finnish Share Deals (2017)

Opportunities for Foreign Investors in Finnish Public-Private Partnership Projects (2014)

Finland’s investment in infrastructure - An overview (2014)

Participation in award procedures for Finnish infrastructure projects (2014)

Other Publications

Bergmann, Greiner, Jaspers: Kansainvälistyvä yritys - laki- ja vero-opas. Lakimiesliiton kustannus, 2011
(The Enterprise in Internationalization - a Guide in Law and Taxes, published by the Finnish Lawyers' Association)



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