Peter Jaspers

Peter Jaspers


Online Publications

Bidding for EPC projects in Finland (2019)

The EPC Contract in Finland, from the Contractor’s Perspective (2019)

Finnish contracting practice in a nutshell (2019)

Changes in building contracts governed by the YSE 1998 terms (2019)

Selecting your project partners: Keeping the delivery chain strong (2019)

Data Center on Leased Land in Finland – a Risk? (2018)

Finland as a Data Center Location: A Market Overview (2018)

Data Center Investor's Due Diligence: Legal Aspects (2018)

Procurement of Construction Services for Data Centers: Risk Management (2018)

Real Estate Subsidies (2018)

Financing for Finnish Projects (2017)

Acquisition of Shares in Finnish Startups: Tax issues for founders and investors (2017)

Private Investment in Finnish Projects: Key aspects for transactions in Finland (2017)

Liability of Organs and Directors in a Finnish Limited Company (Oy) (2017)

Taxation of a Project Acquisition in Finland (2017)

Loss Carryforwards in Finnish Share Deals (2017)

Bidding for Project Alliances in Finland (2017)

Tendering in Finland: Winning public contracts (2015)

Opportunities for Foreign Investors in Finnish Public-Private Partnership Projects (2014)

Finland’s investment in infrastructure - An overview (2014)

Participation in award procedures for Finnish infrastructure projects (2014)

Other Publications

Bergmann, Greiner, Jaspers: Kansainvälistyvä yritys - laki- ja vero-opas. Lakimiesliiton kustannus, 2011
(The Enterprise in Internationalization - a Guide in Law and Taxes, published by the Finnish Lawyers' Association)



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